Our solutions are geared towards the small or medium business, typically one without an I.T. department, or one with a small I.T. department that needs some support.

I.T. Support: 
Technical support provided by our certified staff. This covers all areas of a businesses needs:- desktops, printers, servers, networking, internet, wireless. 

Designing and commissioning local and wide area networks based on wireless and wired technologies. Connecting to the Internet and secure remote access to business systems for remote and mobile workers. 

Firewalls and spam and virus detection. Our most popular solutions are based on open-source technologies. 

Backbone infrastructure: 
Unix, Windows or OS/X servers that will control your I.T. Systems, manage users and resources and implement company usage policies. 

Disaster planning and recovery:
Planning, implementing and testing disaster recovery plans, from simple backups to business continuity on a new premises.